Unbranded Opens at The Statler

Unbranded, Downtown’s innovative pop-up shop, quietly opened its doors at The Statler in Downtown Dallas on February 5th. This time Unbranded will feature one brand exclusively for two months. Dallas-based brand OETL Co., a long time Unbranded merchant, will be featured in the space through March 31, 2018. In addition to its own line-up of globally sourced, handmade goods, OETL Co. will feature collaborations with local brands Boulevard East, Ryan Raschbaum, Modern + Soul, and artist Ruben Burgess Jr. (@sartorialnolift) celebrating and supporting the growing community of Dallas-based organizations who are committed to artisan traditions.

“At its core, OETL Co. is about preserving global artisanship and bringing it into people’s daily life. There are so many designers and artists around the world who are creating incredible wares, using traditional techniques. The resulting products are each a unique work of art with a soul and a story,” said Gisela. “As compared to our online store, the physical pop-up at The Statler will allow us to interact with our customers, to personally share the story of each product and celebrate the artisans behind them.”

Long-time Unbranded partner Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) took over operations of Unbranded during the 2017 holiday season and featured over 30 local brands at the Dallas Power & Light Building. DDI hopes to operate Unbranded pop up shops in available otherwise-vacant space year round to serve as a retail incubator. Unbranded’s co-founders, Matt Alexander and Bryan DeLuca, have remained closely involved in an advisory and editorial capacity. As always, Unbranded provides free retail and event space to a curated group of entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, artists, chefs, and more.

The Statler is situated next to Main Street Garden, Downtown’s neighborhood park that plays host to a variety of music festivals, movie nights and other community events. The Statler features 219 luxury residences and 159 hotel rooms and is currently home to six restaurants and bars, Over Easy, Scout (open Feb 19th), Bourbon & Banter, Waterproof, Fine China (open in March) and R&B (opening soon).

The Unbranded pop up store will be open Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm at 1914 Commerce Street.


About Unbranded

Unbranded is a retail and event experiment, providing free space to entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, chefs, and more. It was founded in 2014 by Bryan DeLuca and Matt Alexander and is now operated by Downtown Dallas, Inc. weareunbranded.com @weareunbranded

About OETL Co.

Founded by Argentina-born, Italy-raised Gisela Borghi-Hocker, OETL Co. features a minimalist collection of clothing, jewelry, leather goods and home accessories, handmade by artisans in Italy and Argentina and sourced by Gisela herself. After moving to Dallas in 2000, Gisela launched her online store in 2015 to introduce the luxury handmade products, time-tested techniques and traditional materials of her Italian and Argentinian heritage to a new audience in the U.S. OETL Co.’s products are all hand-selected by Gisela and made by designers and artisans that she has met and befriended throughout her travels. Oetl.co @oetlco

About The Statler

The Statler is a modern-day redevelopment of a landmark Dallas hotel. The Statler opened its doors in October 2017, featuring a luxury boutique hotel and residences, with restaurants, nightlife, boutique retail, meeting spaces and a multi-purpose events and concert venue.  Encompassing style, status and sophistication, The Statler features 219 luxury residences and 159 hotel rooms. Originally opening as the Statler Hilton in 1956, the hotel was a destination for the elite, attracting the world’s most distinguished dignitaries and celebrities. The Statler, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, is the iconic downtown Dallas experience.

 About Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Downtown Dallas, Inc. is the primary advocate, champion, and steward for Downtown, effecting change by developing  strategies, setting targets, and mobilizing resources that:

  • Stimulate a vibrant and sustainable Downtown environment
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Enhance economic competitiveness
  • Create a culturally inclusive urban center
  • Position the area as a global destination
  • Foster innovation and technology in all aspects of the urban experience

Our program areas include: public safety; capital improvements; maintenance; economic development; public policy; planning/transportation; and marketing.  For more information, visit www.downtowndallas.com. @downtown_dallas



Get To Know: Crafty Irishman

This time of year we can all feel our New Year’s to-do list piling up and our hectic lives becoming even busier. Especially here in Dallas, where something is always happening and changing. Sometimes what we really need is a break.

We need to get away and enjoy the company of our friends and fellow neighbors, but why would we leave Dallas when we could just transport ourselves to a home away from home right here in the city?image1Walking into The Crafty Irishman Public House will do just that. Alan Kearney, local pub owner, and his team have done an amazing job creating a warm Irish haven for Dallasites to come gather with friends, watch a football game, enjoy some comfort food, or just take a break from a chaotic day.

Kearney brings a traditional Irish feel to Downtown Dallas that is hard to find here in the States. The pub embodies what a pub should be: a place comfortable enough to gather with old friends or even a place to make new ones.

“It’s about the community,” he will tell you. He is a Downtown resident and his sense of community can be seen in the friendly service he and his staff embody. Don’t be surprised to see Kearney greet customers by name or offer suggestions on some of his favorite dishes or drinks.image6“We want to get people out and talking to each other,” he says. Kearney grew up in Dublin, and it is important to him and his Downtown family that they share this warm culture. Irish bars aren’t all the same, and Kearney intentionally wanted to create a comfort food bar with traditional touches. Many of the staff members at The Crafty Irishman also evoke an authentic Irish feel.

There is a “true and true Scottish man behind the bar,” to serve up a mean drink and even the chef uses traditional Irish recipes.image2While Kearney is originally from Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Dallas about three years ago. He opened this pub in September 2016 knowing he wanted a warm interior and a pleasant outdoor patio area. To the delight of everyone Downtown, he wanted it to be different. No shamrocks. No clichés. He wanted the Irish heritage to shine through in the friendly service and the food, not cheesy décor.

They bring a lot of traditional Irish components to the pub like an all-day Irish Breakfast of scotch eggs, porridge, or your good ole corned beef hash. They have a wide selection of Irish whiskey and scotches, beers, traditional snacks & candies, and even an Irish Stew from his grandmother’s recipe book.image3He and his talented chefs have even brought the classic Irish tastes to some Texan favorites. For example, you have to try their Irish Tacos. While they may not be traditional, they are a must try. The “O My Cod” tacos, for example, bring the staple taste of fish and chips into the easy to eat taco. They definitely know how to do comfort food Texas style. Their Gaelic Mac and Cheese has lots of delicious add-ins and is topped with a Guinness stout cheese, which is always a great pick-me-up.image4

If you aren’t hungry after reading about their food, you must have just eaten. But even though the food may be tasty, what is most important to Kearney is how the customers feel in his pub. He has taken great care to ensure the atmosphere and service were well developed and nurtured. To the people at The Crafty Irishman, the Irish culture isn’t shamrocks and leprechauns, it’s familiar service and a comfortable, lively atmosphere. When you enter the Crafty Irishman, you are able to take a step out of Dallas and into the Land of a Thousand Welcomes.

For a chance to win a $100 gift card to The Crafty Irishman and experience it for yourself, click here: https://events.socialrevoltagency.com/ddigiveaway/ and make sure you follow us (@dtowndallasinc) and Crafty Irishman (@craftyirishman) on Facebook! For more information on The Crafty Irishman, visit www.thecraftyirishman.com.

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Proposal Submitted for Downtown Elementary School

Downtown School Press Release

With full support from the Board of Directors, Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) has submitted a formal proposal in support of a Downtown elementary school to the Dallas Independent School District. After years of research on ever-changing demographics and demands Downtown, DDI identified education as one of the key areas of focus in the 360 Plan update, which was unanimously approved by the Dallas City Council earlier this month. In the proposal filed December 19th, DDI suggests bringing a Montessori Elementary School model to the urban core, which would uniquely utilize Downtown’s parks, museums, library and much more as an experiential learning campus. That recommendation results from research on what choice school model would have the most success Downtown, and is largely based on high demand and waiting lists for other Montessori programs within the District.

Downtown Dallas President and CEO Kourtny Garrett said, “Based on preliminary work by DDI’s Education Task Force from 2011-2013, plus over 18 months of community outreach through The 360 Plan update, it has become remarkably apparent that – simply — we need more great schools in Downtown,” said DDI President and CEO Kourtny Garrett. “This fact is particularly true when looking at the early childhood through elementary ages. Our resident base is maturing and surveys tell us people want to stay Downtown, but we need to provide them things, like schools, that make it a complete neighborhood in which to plant their roots.”

The Downtown Montessori School model is also unique in that it is proposed to also serve as a “commuter school,” open to both Downtown residents and employees. At around 135,000, Downtown is home to the largest workforce in North Texas. A recent survey conducted by DDI through some of the largest employers in the Downtown showed that more than two-thirds of workers with school-age children would be interested in enrolling their kids in a Dallas ISD elementary school Downtown. DDI is committed to using its members and connections to the community to provide numerous resources for the potential school, including exposure to the vast number of industries and professions in Downtown. The workforce enrollment is intended to complement what can be expected from the 11,000 residents within Downtown, and more than 50,000 in surrounding neighborhoods. DDI also expects to add 20,000 residents in the next 2-5 years. It is also important to DDI that the school be racially, economically and culturally diverse to ensure the organization’s vision of Downtown as an inclusive place is maintained.

DART and LYFT Partner to Start Pilot Program for On-Demand Paratransit

Dallas, Texas – November 2, 2017 – Dallas is testing out new paratransit options in hopes of providing easier access to transportation for the senior and disabled members of our community. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has already brought in MV Transportation to help operate their paratransit services. Now they are combining forces to introduce a pilot program partnering with ride share company Lyft to provide on-demand transportation as part of their current paratransit system.

HyperFocal: 0If the pilot goes well, this program could help improve the convenience of getting the elderly and disabled citizens visiting downtown to enjoy all that we have to offer. We love to see the community enjoying the attractions within our many districts like exhibits at the Perot Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art or symphonies at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

Currently a majority of DART’s paratransit riders must request their rides a day in advance, but now through the pilot the program riders will be able to utilize the transportation when they need a last minute Lyft. Riders will also receive up-to-date alerts about their trip while still having the MV call center as a resource. “Being a part of these vital community transport programs is an important part of our mission to improve people’s lives,” says Yohan Bobcombe, Market Manager of Lyft Dallas/Fort Worth when discussing the excitement of the new partnership.

The three organizations involved show potential to be very successful in this pilot. For instance MV Transportation, Inc. is the largest private provider of paratransit services in the United States and is headquartered here in Downtown Dallas! Lyft also has a lot to offer even though they were founded as recently as 2012. In fact, they are one of the fastest growing rideshare companies in the United States. It is also encouraging to see that Lyft is so committed to effecting positive change for the future of our city.

Doug Douglas, DART Vice President of Mobility Management Services says that they want to ensure their “standards of quality are met for all individuals in the most efficient and cost effective way. Both MV and Lyft have been outstanding partners in meeting this expectation.”
We at Downtown Dallas Inc. will be waiting to see how the pilot program goes.

Unbranded, a pop-up retail and event concept, returns to Downtown Dallas for 2017

Dallas, Texas — October 25, 2017 — For the fourth year in a row, Unbranded, an innovative pop-up retail and event concept, has announced it will return for 2017 in Downtown Dallas. Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI), long-time partners of the project, will be taking over ownership and operations of Unbranded, while its co-founders, Matt Alexander and Bryan DeLuca, will remain closely involved in an advisory and editorial capacity. As in years past, Unbranded will provide free retail and event space to a curated group of entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, artists, chefs, and more.

“We’re excited to be taking on full responsibility for Unbranded this year,” said Shalissa Perry, CMO of DDI. “It’s been a thrill to watch vendors graduate from Unbranded participants to full-scale retailers in Dallas and beyond. Now, as part of our retail recruitment strategy, we’re excited to explore the development of a longer-term retail incubator, encouraging concepts of all types to experiment with physical retail in Downtown Dallas.”

Unbranded was co-founded in 2014 by Bryan DeLuca, co-founder of Foot Cardigan, and Matt Alexander, former founder of Edition Collective, as a means to provide free retail and event space to local creators during the holiday shopping season. After a successful first year in Deep Ellum, Unbranded partnered with DDI and has since enjoyed two consecutive years on Commerce Street and Main Street, respectively.

“Over the years, DDI has been a phenomenal partner for Unbranded,” commented Matt Alexander. “With Bryan and I running our own full-time companies, the DDI team stepped up, identified amazing spaces, and coordinated much of the day-to-day. Now, with Bryan and I remaining busy, we felt it would be the perfect time to formally handover the reigns of this project to our partners at DDI. With their focus and support, we believe Unbranded will truly have the opportunity to deliver on the full scope and extent of the original concept: providing an accessible framework for creators of all types to experiment with physical retail in under-served parts of the city.”

“Unbranded deserves full-time attention to aid it in becoming a bigger asset to the city and its creative community,” added Bryan DeLuca. “With DDI at the helm, we feel confident that’s precisely what’ll happen. Matt and I both remain excited to be involved in the curation of the vendors and the overall trajectory of the concept, but even more excited, now, about what it might become under DDI’s leadership.”

Bryan DeLuca and Matt Alexander will remain involved in the project, aiding with the selection of vendors and, this year, curating a weekly gift guide of their favorite items on display at Unbranded. The team is hopeful a few fan favorites from previous years will be returning for 2017.

Unbranded 2017 will be located in the historic Dallas Power & Light Building at 1508 Commerce Street and will be open for business Thursdays through Saturdays from November 30 through December 16. Each week, there’ll be eight participating vendors, in addition to free gift wrapping, wi-fi, coffee, drinks, and more. Beyond its walls, DDI will be running their annual Wanderland programming, including movie nights, live music, holiday decoration demos and classes, lights and decor around Downtown, and more.

Applications for Unbranded are now open. Vendors must apply to participate by November 8th at weareunbranded.com. Space for selected vendors will, as always, be free.


About Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. is the primary advocate, champion, and steward for Downtown, effecting change by developing  strategies, setting targets, and mobilizing resources that:

  • Stimulate a vibrant and sustainable Downtown environment
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Enhance economic competitiveness
  • Create a culturally inclusive urban center
  • Position the area as a global destination
  • Foster innovation and technology in all aspects of the urban experience

Our program areas include: public safety; capital improvements; maintenance; economic development; public policy; planning/transportation; and marketing.  For more information, visit www.downtowndallas.com

About Wanderland

Wanderland is a Downtown Dallas, Inc. holiday initiative, including holiday decor at Main Street Garden, Pegasus Plaza, and Belo Garden, movie nights, live music, and holiday decorating demos and classes.

About Unbranded

Unbranded is a retail and event experiment, providing free space to entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, chefs, and more. It was founded in 2014 by Bryan DeLuca and Matt Alexander and is now operated by Downtown Dallas, Inc.



Get To Know: Charming

Nestled in Bank of America Plaza, Charming is changing Dallas one arrangement at a time! Alicia Aguilar has merged her love for florals, planning, design, and paperie all into one!

Five years ago, Alicia decided to start Charming in order to get back to her creative side. She originally wanted to offer only floral design and wedding and event planning. However, Alicia caught the attention of the Bank America Plaza by bringing a beautiful flower arrangement to her mom’s office. An office manager loved Alicia’s arrangement so much that they asked her to come run a flower and gift shop in the bottom of the building.

In March of 2015, Alicia decided to take a leap of faith and leave her full-time job to open Charming Boutique. Alicia shared, “One of the scariest things about opening up this space was leaving your job security and insurance. However, we have this built in walking traffic every day! Having this customer base that we never would have reached in the first place has grown our business so much!”

When asked what she loved most about being in Downtown Dallas, Alicia responded, “I love the neighborhood feel that I get Downtown. It feels very homey, you see the same faces and you get to know people.” She continued, “For me, business is personal and I care about what’s going on in your life and they in turn care about what’s going on in mine and I feel very connected to Downtown Dallas in that way”

This past August, Alicia decided to relaunch Charming to merge both the boutique and her wedding and event planning services. Charming now has a new custom website, online store, and a growing team!

For a chance to win a gift card to Charming, click here: Charming Giveaway and make sure you follow us (@downtown_dallas) and Charming (@charmingfloralsfinds) on Instagram! For

more information on Charming, visit www.youarecharming.com

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Charming is located at:

Bank of America Plaza

901 Main Street | Suite C126

Dallas, Texas 75202

American Institute of Architects Dallas Chapter and Dallas Center for Architecture Select City Center Location for New Offices

Republic Center provides organizations with unique workspace, lifestyle and access opportunities

September, 29, 2017, DALLAS, Texas – American Institute of Architects Dallas Chapter (AIA Dallas) and the Dallas Center for Architecture announced today they will relocate their offices to Republic Center at 325 N. St. Paul, across from the planned Pacific Plaza park.

AIA Dallas was represented in this transaction by Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall.  Republic Center was represented by Kathy Permenter, Trae Anderson and Sarah Savage of Younger Partners.  The long-term lease is for 13,708 square feet of office, exhibition and meeting space on the building’s first two floors, connected by an interior staircase.  General offices will be located on the second floor, while exhibition and meeting space will be prominently on street level.  Exclusive use of an outdoor patio area offers additional opportunities for programming and entertainment.

“This new location offers our organization, totaling more than 2,000 members from 300 architecture firms, some truly unique opportunities our members have been seeking. We are creating a special workspace in a landmark building, expanding our programming, and further impacting the development of the surrounding community,” said Nunzio DeSantis, FAIA, 2017 president of AIA Dallas and senior partner at Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects.  “Our space in Republic Center is located in the heart of the city center near public transportation, has high street-front visibility and pedestrian traffic, and is directly across from what will be a special new outdoor space; Pacific Plaza.  We look forward to transforming this multi-level space and moving into the neighborhood next summer.”

“Finding the right space required us to balance many different requirements, and Republic Center was that proverbial needle in a haystack,” said Solender.  “It is easily accessible by members and the public; it is in a significant building with a lot of pedestrian traffic; it has a highly visible street-level location that can be used for classes, exhibitions and programs; and it is next to a soon-to-be-built city park.  Solender/Hall looks forward to helping AIA Dallas and the Dallas Center for Architecture celebrate the opening of their new offices sometime next summer.”

“Our owners listened to the needs of AIA Dallas and the Dallas Center for Architecture.  Together, we found an ideal solution to their challenges. Our partnership combines a great location, offering incredible exhibit space, as well as ample meeting and office space in Republic Center,” said Ms. Permenter. “Republic Center is a gem in the Central Business District and the partnership with these outstanding organizations will be a great addition to the tower’s tenant line-up.”

Jan Blackmon, FAIA, executive director of AIA Dallas and the Dallas Center for Architecture, added, “We enjoyed our time in the current offices, but the ability to add nearly 50 percent more space in a significant urban core building, in an up-and-coming neighborhood, offers an opportunity for us to truly impact the core of the city through quality-of-life oriented architecture and design.  AIA Dallas and the Dallas Center for Architecture see this new office as the perfect alignment of our workspace with our mission.”



AIA Dallas, the sixth largest chapter of The American Institute of Architects, empowers architects to excel and impact their practice, profession, and community. AIA Dallas has a membership base of more than 2,200 members and 300 architectural firms. Member efforts support professional development, education, advocacy, thought-provoking programming, and seven signature events. For more information, visit www.aiadallas.org



The Dallas Center for Architecture works to encourage the conversation about why architecture matters to YOU. The Center seeks to foster the public’s understanding of the power of architecture to enrich our city and our lives through the programs, exhibits, and tours that the Center presents. For more information, visit www.DallasCFA.com.



Since 1991, Solender/Hall has been specializing in the representation of small and medium sized companies and nonprofit organizations in the North Texas area. Find out more at www.solenderhall.com or by calling 214.265.8200.