UPDATED: Dallas Police to conduct special initiative to enforce juvenile curfew, crack down on street racers with support from Downtown business partners

Update as of September 11, 2020:

Thank you to the City of Dallas, Dallas PD, and DART PD for collaborating with Downtown business partners to activate an enhanced enforcement initiative to enforce the juvenile curfew and provide additional manpower to curtail speeding and street racing in Downtown and surrounding entertainment districts.

DPD began enforcing the juvenile curfew ordinance Labor Day weekend, and enforcement of the order will continue for the next several weeks covering Deep Ellum, West End, Farmers Market, Uptown, Victory Park, and the Central Business District.

The ordinance applies to juveniles under the age of 17 who are in a public place in the curfew area from 12:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday and from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. Some highlights from the citywide Labor Day weekend efforts included\ the temporary removal of scooters, 12 towed vehicles and 1 stolen vehicle recovered and 141 traffic and 182 spectator citations related to street racing. This initiative will continue this weekend and remember, if you see something, say something!

September 4, 2020: The Dallas Police Department (DPD) is collaborating with the City of Dallas’ Downtown business partners to take a proactive approach to ensure all residents and business owners are safe by conducting a special initiative to enforce the juvenile curfew and providing additional manpower to curtail speeding and street racing.

DPD will begin enforcing the juvenile curfew ordinance on Friday, September 4, 2020. Enforcement of the order will be in place for the next three weeks covering Deep Ellum, West End, Farmers Market, Uptown, Victory Park, and the Central Business District.

The ordinance applies to juveniles under the age of 17 who are in a public place in the curfew area from 12:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday and from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Enhanced Services from Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) continues to observe, listen, and respond to the needs and concerns of Downtown. The below highlights are enhancements to DDI services that have already been implemented or will be implemented next week.


  • Daily hours for the Downtown Safety Patrol are from 6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. DDI is providing additional security coverage at Main Street Garden, Belo Garden, and Pegasus Plaza from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at each location (168 hours of weekly additional security presence).
  • There is now a dedicated off-duty DPD officer at Main Street Garden daily (four-hour shifts / 28 hours per week).  Also, DDI is providing additional DPD patrols and resources weekly in Downtown.  As a reminder, DDI already funds off-duty DPD officers seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
  • City of Dallas Park Department has increased their deployment of Park Rangers to provide additional patrols throughout Downtown parks.
  • Safety Patrol is adding 18 new full-time security professionals.
  • Homeless Outreach Team has grown to three members (Manager, Coordinator, and Street Outreach Specialist). This team dedicates over 80 hours a week to meaningful engagements with individuals experiencing homelessness. Within the last 45 – 60 days, DDI’s outreach team has successfully connected 17 individuals experiencing homelessness to long-term service recovery programs.
  • We have launched the Homeless Fellowship Program by hiring an individual who is sheltered at The Bridge Transitional Unit as an independent contractor to join the DDI Street Outreach Team during engagements with shelter-resistant individuals.
  • DDI continues to work with the City, surrounding neighborhoods, and scooter operators to address concerns related to scooter operations throughout the area. DDI is hopeful that additional information regarding scooter operations will be communicated next week.


  • Daily hours for the Clean Team are 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
  • Clean Team has added three new full-time positions.
  • Clean Team continues to provide sanitization of high-touch items in the public space and parks such as tables, benches, playgrounds, and trash receptacles.
  • DDI is providing funding to double the frequency of our power washing contractors’ efforts, and will be purchasing additional power washing equipment for Clean Team to begin utilizing on an on-call basis starting in September. As a reminder, DDI already provides over 250,000 square feet of power washing each month; this enhancement will ensure roughly 500,000 square feet of sidewalks are washed monthly. Pressure washing services are provided throughout Downtown with a focus on pedestrian corridors. Additionally, Clean Team will begin daily washing of hot spots as needed.
  • DDI has purchased and is installing 16 park rules signs that are being deployed to Pacific Plaza, Main Street Garden, Pegasus Plaza, and Belo Garden. Expect to see increased enforcement of park rules.

These are just a few of the enhanced services you will see from DDI immediately. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming plans and enhanced programs next week! As always, report issues as you see them right from your phone on the See Say Now app, available on Android and iPhone. You can also reach dispatch at 214.741.1151. Have ideas or feedback? Email us at info@downtowndallas.com.

Downtown Dallas Featured in Dallas Business Journal Special Insert – July 19, 2013

Downtown Dallas was recently featured in a special insert in the Dallas Business Journal. Click the link below to read about updates on Downtown Dallas 360, the fifteen districts, the Downtown retail market, entertainment districts and economic development.

Downtown Dallas2013_LowRes FINAL reduced

Downtown Safety Patrol Officers Receive Praise from Visitors

Downtown Dallas, Inc. works daily to improve the quality of life for Downtown workers, visitors and residents by ensuring the neighborhood remains one of the safest in the city. The Downtown Safety Patrol includes 45 officers patrolling the streets, providing extra eyes and ears for the Dallas Police Department. Each year, Downtown Dallas, Inc. receives hundreds of emails praising the work of the Downtown Safety Patrol. We have listed a few of the recent testimonials from visitors below.

Thank you to our Safety Patrol Officers for making a difference in Downtown Dallas!

“I was staying in downtown Dallas this past Sunday up until Tuesday morning for business and Latonja Hastings saved my identity and my job. I had lost my wallet with all my debit, credit cards, driver’s license and over $1000 in cash. Luckily there are honest people like Latonja Hastings, she found my wallet and was able to track down the hotel I was staying at, and then got the hotel staff to call my work back in Corpus Christi who then gave her my cell phone number. She immediately contacted me and directed me where to go to retrieve my lost wallet with EVERYTHING and every dollar still in my wallet. I felt the need to write this email hoping it reaches her supervisor to praise Latonja for being such an honest person. I’m sure she was just doing her job but anyone could’ve kept the money and put my driver’s license in the mail anonymously. I was so worried about how I would fly back with no driver’s license, and then end up in trouble with my boss for not being at work on time the following day. Latonja you saved me! I can’t thank you enough; the world needs more people like her.”

“This is email is being sent as a thank you to Downtown Dallas Safety Patrol Officer #46. My wife and I are visiting Dallas from Chicago for the weekend. On Saturday morning, we were looking for good recommendations on places visit and places to eat. Officer #46 was very courteous and more than willing to help us. On our way back to our hotel, Officer #46 happened to pass by us again and followed up with us on his recommendations. My wife and I were very pleased we meet this officer and he made our Dallas experience much more enjoyable. Please pass this information along to Officer #46 as well as any supervisor of his.”

“Hello. I am a student teacher. I was traveling through down town Dallas and became lost trying to find the Plaza of America. I stopped over near the 7-11 where two of your safety patrol officers were (Ms. Hastings # 33 and Mr. Guilroy #13). I explained to them that I was down there to take a state test and was all turned around and lost. They were so gracious and kind. Mr. Guilroy asked Ms. Hastings to help me out. She gave me great directions. She then stopped me before I pulled out of the parking lot and gave me even better directions. She took the time to go get a map from her bike and then showed me where we were and how to get to where I needed to go. She was very patient with me and both of them wished me good luck on my test”

“The reason I am writing this is to let you know what fine safety patrol officers you have on your department. I get really nervous when I get lost and especially in an area that I was unfamiliar with. They eased my mind and sent me on my way. I can only hope that all of the officers are like Hastings and Guilroy. They made me feel safe and comfortable and that is so important. I gave them a big thank you and a God Bless.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We often hear so much of the negative things in life that we forget to let people know what a good job they are doing.”

Malika Crawford Elected Incoming President of Downtown Security Directors Association!

Malika CrawfordCongratulations to Malika Crawford, Downtown Safety Patrol Officer, for being elected as the incoming 2013 – 2014 President of the Downtown Security Directors Association (DSDA).

Crawford has been with Downtown Dallas, Inc.’s Downtown Safety Patrol (DSP) since its inception in 2004. She currently works as the Training Manager and serves as the liaison for DSP and the Dallas Police Department (DPD), City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management, Dallas County Office of Emergency Management, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Dallas Independent School District Police.

Crawford has also served as Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer of the DSDA, is a Certified Protection Officer and an active member of the American Society for Industrial Security.

The DSDA was created to foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding, cooperation and coordination among security management in Downtown Dallas in the areas of security, crime prevention and emergency preparedness. Downtown Security Directors meet on a monthly basis with DPD to review security issues and crime trends and analysis.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. works daily to improve the quality of life for Downtown workers, visitors and residents by ensuring the neighborhood remains one of the safest in the city. The Downtown Safety Patrol includes 45 officers patrolling the streets, providing extra eyes and ears for the DPD. Thank you to our officers for making a difference in Downtown Dallas!

DDI Sponsors Park(ing) Day Dallas



C.C. Gonzalez-Kurz

Community Relations Manager





Dallas, Texas, September 13, 2011 — Downtown Dallas will have dozens of new community spaces this Friday, September 16, as Downtown Dallas, Inc. and others transform parking spaces into temporary “PARK” installations. More than 20 metered parking spaces along Main Street will be temporarily transformed, creating re-envisioned public spaces for Downtown employees, residents and visitors to enjoy.

“It’s all in an effort to create these Quick Wins,” said John Crawford, President & CEO, Downtown Dallas, Inc. “We are working with the Dallas Arts District, Earth Day Dallas and others to help transform these public spaces, allowing the community to experience a more livable, workable, and enjoyable Downtown.”

A series of parking spaces spanning three blocks will be reserved for participants. Organizations, private companies and volunteers will form teams to transform spaces into areas for socializing, networking and some will offer entertainment. These temporary public spaces will come down after a few hours and the space will revert back to metered parking. Teams are encouraged to use sustainable construction materials and partner with local charities to extend the impact beyond the event.

“We’re proud to show support for PARK(ing) Day Dallas by being part of the inaugural event,” said Trammell S. Crow, Earth Day Dallas thought leader. “Like Earth Day Dallas, PARK(ing) Day Dallas is another way to show Americans the importance North Texans place on the environment.”

PARK(ing) Day is an internationally recognized event celebrated annually with the mission to call attention to the need for more urban open space, to generate critical debate around how public space is created and allocated, and to improve the quality of urban human habitat. Started in San Francisco in 2005, the project has blossomed into a worldwide grassroots movement: PARK(ing) Day 2010 included more than 850 “PARK” installations in more than 180 cities in 30 countries on six continents.

For more information:





Downtown Dallas, Inc. Receives Top Honors from International Downtown Association

DDI wins IDA Merit Award for Downtown Dallas 360 Plan & the Retail Activation Strategy 

Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) is being honored by the International Downtown Association (IDA) after receiving a Merit Award for its work on the Downtown Dallas 360 Plan and the Main Street District Retail Activation Strategy. 

Every year IDA Achievement Awards features innovative best practices projects from Downtown Associations around the world. These projects are creative, diverse and present the best and brightest in leadership, public space and economic development. 

“It’s wonderful news and well deserved based on the time, effort and results we are already seeing with 360,” said John F. Crawford, DDI President & CEO. “This is the perfect example of what can occur through public/private partnerships.” 

DDI collaborated with the City of Dallas to create Downtown Dallas 360. This strategic, action –oriented development plan addresses public spaces, transit and transit oriented development, a long-term parking strategy, creating housing for all income levels, adding retail to the city’s core and making stronger physical connections between Downtown’s fifteen Districts. The plan focuses in large part on how Downtown should look and function in the future, and specifically how to get there. 

DDI will be honored next month at an award’s ceremony at this year’s IDA Annual Conference and Tradeshow to be held in Charlotte, NC.  DDI has won IDA awards in years past in Community Development for the Universities Center at Dallas; Business and Economic Development for the original Main Street District Retail Plan; and Marketing for the Where’s Your D Spot Marketing Campaign.

DDI Helps Fund DPD’s Bait Car Program

Downtown Dallas, Inc. donated more than $2,000 for the Dallas Police Department’s Bait Car Program.  Bait cars, equipped with cameras and tracking equipment act as theft deterrents. They’re used by law enforcement around the country. Bait cars have resulted in 245 arrests since the program began in Dallas in 2004.

Other donors include:

  • Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Electronic Tracking Systems
  • Go Oak Cliff
  • Phillip Huffines
  • National Insurance Claims Bureau
  • North Dallas Chamber of Commerce
  • Northpark Neighborhood Association
  • Safelite Auto Glass
  • Stemmons Corridor Business Association
  • Target

Donors have raised more than $23 thousand for the program.

A Message from the CEO: Quick Wins and Bold Ideas will Shape the Future of Downtown Dallas

Members, supporters and friends of Downtown Dallas, Inc.,

What was presented to this year’s sold out, record breaking crowd at our Annual Meeting on Februrary 16 was Downtown Dallas 360 – a roadmap for the next phase of Downtown revitalization, shaped with Quick Wins and Bold Ideas.  However, before we were given this glimpse into the future, I spent some time looking at the state of Downtown today, and reflecting on the last decade’s worth of momentum in our city’s core.

Close your eyes and imagine Downtown just ten years ago.  Our first adaptive re-use residential projects were just opening.  Our city center residential population was just beginning to climb into the thousands.  Nodes like Stone Street Garden were emerging.  Planning efforts such as the Parks Master Plan, the CBD Transportation Plan and the Inside the Loop Committee initiatives were just commencing.  It was a time, similar today, full of vision, strategy and promise.

Now open your eyes to the reality that exists today, to the community that has been built in Downtown Dallas.  More than 2 billion dollars has been invested in the heart of our city.  We have witnessed the residential population grow in the Central Business District to over 7,000.  Throughout all of Downtown we have more than 35,000 people living. Our employment population holds strong at 135,000, and we continue to be the largest workforce in North Texas.  Kicking off in 2007 with announcements by 7-Eleven and Comerica Bank, followed by AT&T in 2008, we’ve seen more than 60 companies relocate back to the city center, absorbing more than 2 and a half million square feet of space.

Landmark projects with decades of promise are now complete or underway.  The AT&T Performing Arts Center brought us one step closer to completing the Dallas Arts District master plan.  Woodall Rodgers Park now shows visible signs of progress with beams stretched across the canyon freeway.  The first Calatrava bridge is complete, changing the Dallas skyline forever, and the Omni Dallas Convention Center hotel is within just a year of opening, putting Dallas back on the map as a top tier convention destination.  And the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, a spectacular showcase, is well underway.

Residents, employees and visitors relax and recreate at Main Street Garden.  Belo Garden is under construction.  First Baptist Church of Dallas is in the midst of a $130 million renovation. The Dallas Arts District drew more than one million visitors last year.  Have you visited Main Street on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night lately?  The District is buzzing with traffic with people from close and afar visiting our restaurants and entertainment destinations.  And we’ve recently hosted three major national sporting events – the NBA All Star Weekend, the World Series and Super Bowl XLV.  Though the games were played miles away, the spotlight was shining on the Downtown skyline.

DART opened its Green Line in 2010, making it now the largest light rail system in the U.S. And MATA is extending – already underway is the Arts District extension, with funding secured for future expansion to Federal – ultimately connecting Uptown, the Arts District and the Main Street District.

Educational opportunities are increasing Downtown.  With more than 30 schools of varying levels, some of our prized facilities include the University of North Texas System and the Universities Center at Dallas; El Centro Community College and their School of Nursing and Allied Health in the West End.  Booker T. Washington High School continues to turn out record numbers – in 2010 more than $12 million worth of scholarships were awarded to their students.  The Pegasus School for the Liberal Arts and Sciences continues to be ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top ten high schools in the nation, and last year we welcomed Laureate Prep charter school to the West End, a prestigious Uplift Education program.

Indeed, there is much to celebrate as we look back at accomplishments over the decade and Downtown Dallas, Inc. is committed to remaining aggressive and continuing with resolute focus on the betterment of the area.

It is with this commitment that we come to Downtown Dallas 360.

Downtown Dallas 360 has been a full year in the making.  Built by workgroups of property and business owners; large corporations and small businesses; real estate and transportation experts; residents and other community organizations – 360 is a true culmination of what Dallas wants to see Downtown, and how we can all work together to achieve these goals.

360 is also a prime example of a public-private partnership.  The City of Dallas’ vision served as the catalyst for the project, and since the launch we have worked hand in hand.  I’d like to particularly thank Theresa O’Donnell, Peer Chacko and Karl Zavitkovsky with the City of Dallas, and Kourtny Garrett and Jim Wood with the DDI TEAM for their leadership and guidance of the plan’s creation.  Literally, every city department and DART have been involved, along with the outstanding leadership of the Downtown Dallas 360 Steering Committee.  Our City Council, Mayor and City Manager have been instrumental in providing the support and guidance needed from the public sector to bring such an ambitious city-changing project to fruition.

360 is arguably the most important project for Downtown going forward.  The Plan will guide future investment, development strategies and the activation of our streets in a tangible way for years to come.  It will bring together the vision of the public, private and community sectors under one common goal – to fuel the creation of a 21st century Downtown Dallas.

The future is bright.  All of the statistics, economic and quality of life indicators bode well for Dallas.  According to the Dallas Federal Reserve, Texas is rising above the national average in payroll employment growth, we sit well below the national average in unemployment, construction contract values showed growth at the end of 2010, home sales are beginning to rise, and Texas exports are raising while the rest of the nation experiences declines.  With over-regulation and increasing taxes to our north, east and west, the market is funneling toward Texas, and even more so toward Dallas…and Downtown.

With Quick Wins and Bold Ideas, Downtown Dallas 360, along with the daily stewardship of the Downtown environment by our organization, we will move into the next year (and next decade!) with strategic, thoughtful development.  Our ultimate vision will continue to develop into reality – a thriving, vibrant and sustainable Downtown Dallas.

As goes Downtown, so goes Dallas!

John Crawford

DART Offers a Look into the Future with a Streetcar in Downtown

DART is developing a plan to create downtown streetcar routes that would complement its larger light-rail system, so earlier this month it demonstrated a new energy-efficient streetcar.

The ameriTRAM prototype shuttled DART and city leaders back and forth from the Akard and Victory stations while they heard the benefits of a new streetcar.

Officials say the vehicle would save on installation costs because it can operate without overhead cables. The streetcar runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can travel about five miles before recharging for six to eight minutes. The ameriTRAM also recycles energy by channeling braking energy back into the battery.

DART is working as a technical advisor with the City of Dallas on a number of streetcar projects, including the planned connection to Oak Cliff, a connection with the McKinney Avenue Trolley and a future downtown streetcar network.