Dallas ISD Gives Final Approval for Downtown Montessori School

December 19, 2019 – Nearly a decade of work culminated tonight with the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees’ approval of a lease to house the only Dallas ISD elementary school in Downtown Dallas.  “DDI has worked for almost eight years on this school, which is a new endeavor for Dallas–a truly urban neighborhood school blended with a customized Montessori curriculum that leverages Downtown assets like Main Street Garden for learning, preferential enrollment for Downtown residents and employees, and all with a thoughtful socioeconomic balance,” commented Kourtny Garrett, Downtown Dallas, Inc.’s (DDI) President and CEO.  “The entire Downtown residential and corporate community has embraced this initiative and we’re so proud of the outcome of this partnership we have forged with Dallas ISD.”

As the stewards and advocates for Downtown Dallas, much of DDI’s work is guided by The 360 Plan¸ a data-driven strategic plan for the continued growth and development in Downtown.  As a transformative strategy in The 360 Plan, Downtown Dallas is envisioned to become a complete neighborhood, one in which residents’ economic, social, and personal needs are met via convenient access to employment, housing, recreation, goods and services, and education.  Recent data shows that the presence of young families in Downtown is growing, now including more than 400 children under the age of 13. Tonight, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees took an unparalleled step towards creating a Downtown that meets the needs of those families that call it home with the approval of this elementary school.

Dallas ISD Board President Justin Henry commented “Downtown’s elementary school is long overdue.  I have been committed to supporting this project since I joined the board in 2018 after hearing from so many constituents how great this need truly is.  I am grateful to Downtown Dallas, Inc. for being such a great partner with Dallas ISD and an effective advocate for those downtown residents in this process.   DDI worked tirelessly alongside downtown residents for years to provide pro-bono assistance in the creation of this school.  They developed the initial proposal that included everything from the curriculum to the future PTA structure.  After DDI’s plan was selected by Dallas ISD through the office of transformation and innovation, DDI spent almost two years searching for a location and will continue to stay involved to help with marketing, beautification and maintenance, as well as making a $150,000 contribution to the school from their foundation.  This type of community engagement and partnership provides greater opportunities for our kids in District 9 and all of Dallas ISD.”

Enrollment will open in January 2020 for grades PreK3 through 2nd grade beginning in fall of that year.  Admittance will be weighted to provide preference for Downtown residents, followed by Dallas ISD residents that work Downtown, and then opened to the entire Dallas ISD community.  Each year, the attendance will grow by a grade level until the school ultimately serves students through 8th grade.  The current location at UNT System on Main Street will serve as a start-up location for the first few years until a permanent location is established in the same area.


About Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. is the primary advocate, champion, and steward for Downtown, effecting change by developing strategies, setting targets, and mobilizing resources that:

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