The Value of U.S. Downtowns and Center City study

The Value of U.S. Downtowns and Center City study, in which Downtown Dallas, Inc. took part last year, was released by the International Downtown Association. View highlights below, or read the full report by clicking here.

• 3.5% of the City of Dallas’ population lives in the City Center (45,326)
• 30% of the City of Dallas’ jobs are in the City Center (246,645)
• In 2017, the assessed value of property in the Downtown Improvement District was $5.9B, accounting for over 5% of the City of Dallas’ overall value.
• In 2016, 56% of City Center residents held a bachelor’s degree or higher, earning a median income of $74,000.
• The City Center generates 10% of all retail and food and beverage sales in the City of Dallas ($2.3B).
• According to the research, Downtown Dallas is considered a “growing downtown,” based on several datapoints, including average growth in employment, residential density, population growth, job density, and assessed value. Other “growing downtowns” to which Downtown Dallas is compared are Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.