Get To Know: Crafty Irishman

This time of year we can all feel our New Year’s to-do list piling up and our hectic lives becoming even busier. Especially here in Dallas, where something is always happening and changing. Sometimes what we really need is a break.

We need to get away and enjoy the company of our friends and fellow neighbors, but why would we leave Dallas when we could just transport ourselves to a home away from home right here in the city?image1Walking into The Crafty Irishman Public House will do just that. Alan Kearney, local pub owner, and his team have done an amazing job creating a warm Irish haven for Dallasites to come gather with friends, watch a football game, enjoy some comfort food, or just take a break from a chaotic day.

Kearney brings a traditional Irish feel to Downtown Dallas that is hard to find here in the States. The pub embodies what a pub should be: a place comfortable enough to gather with old friends or even a place to make new ones.

“It’s about the community,” he will tell you. He is a Downtown resident and his sense of community can be seen in the friendly service he and his staff embody. Don’t be surprised to see Kearney greet customers by name or offer suggestions on some of his favorite dishes or drinks.image6“We want to get people out and talking to each other,” he says. Kearney grew up in Dublin, and it is important to him and his Downtown family that they share this warm culture. Irish bars aren’t all the same, and Kearney intentionally wanted to create a comfort food bar with traditional touches. Many of the staff members at The Crafty Irishman also evoke an authentic Irish feel.

There is a “true and true Scottish man behind the bar,” to serve up a mean drink and even the chef uses traditional Irish recipes.image2While Kearney is originally from Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Dallas about three years ago. He opened this pub in September 2016 knowing he wanted a warm interior and a pleasant outdoor patio area. To the delight of everyone Downtown, he wanted it to be different. No shamrocks. No clichés. He wanted the Irish heritage to shine through in the friendly service and the food, not cheesy décor.

They bring a lot of traditional Irish components to the pub like an all-day Irish Breakfast of scotch eggs, porridge, or your good ole corned beef hash. They have a wide selection of Irish whiskey and scotches, beers, traditional snacks & candies, and even an Irish Stew from his grandmother’s recipe book.image3He and his talented chefs have even brought the classic Irish tastes to some Texan favorites. For example, you have to try their Irish Tacos. While they may not be traditional, they are a must try. The “O My Cod” tacos, for example, bring the staple taste of fish and chips into the easy to eat taco. They definitely know how to do comfort food Texas style. Their Gaelic Mac and Cheese has lots of delicious add-ins and is topped with a Guinness stout cheese, which is always a great pick-me-up.image4

If you aren’t hungry after reading about their food, you must have just eaten. But even though the food may be tasty, what is most important to Kearney is how the customers feel in his pub. He has taken great care to ensure the atmosphere and service were well developed and nurtured. To the people at The Crafty Irishman, the Irish culture isn’t shamrocks and leprechauns, it’s familiar service and a comfortable, lively atmosphere. When you enter the Crafty Irishman, you are able to take a step out of Dallas and into the Land of a Thousand Welcomes.

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