What do the Downtown Residents want for Downtown Dallas?

Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the Downtown Residents Council recently hosted a Downtown Dallas 360 District Visioning Workshop for Main Street District, Thanksgiving Commercial Center, Dallas Farmers Market District, Civic Center, Dallas Arts District, and the West End Historic District. There were over 100 residents, property owners, and business owners in attendance who showed a genuine interest in making Downtown a better place to live, work, and play. It was quite interesting to listen to the discussions in the different groups and what they reported back to everyone. What did they want? Well, the themes were very similar in each group…..walkability (and bike-ability), more smaller gathering spaces with seating, shade, trees, and cafes, diversity (families!), reasonably priced retail and housing, and more every day services like grocery stores and cafes. And the most common theme was the need for better and safer connections between districts. Oh for example, that daunting walk under 345 to get to Deep Ellum for dinner or for a festival, or trying to walk or jog to Dallas Heritage Village from the Farmers Market over I-30, or biking from Downtown to the Trinity River or Continental Avenue Bridge. I happen to live Downtown too, and couldn’t agree more with this active group of stakeholders. Thank you to those who took the time to come and provide very important input that will help form the update of our strategic plan, Downtown Dallas 360. Visit www.downtowndallas360.com for a calendar of events, updates from previous sessions, and links to the entire 2011 plan. Hope to see you at the next visioning workshop!

Shalissa Colwell
Downtown Resident and Downtown Dallas 360 Project Team

Attendees told us where they live, work, and play!
Attendees told us where they live, work, and play!

group shot at DRC rebecca greenan DRC

We received great feedback in our neighborhood galleries
We received great feedback in our neighborhood galleries

mapping project DRC

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