Happy New Year from Downtown Dallas, Inc.

In 2013, Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) literally reached new heights in many ways, but specifically, we moved our offices to the 71st floor of Bank of America Plaza.  We now occupy the highest office space in North Texas and then some; to say we have a great view and perspective of the neighborhood is an understatement.  

We made progress on a lot of fronts:  for example (to mention only a few), Main Street (thanks to the folks at Headington, Forest City, and others) is flourishing;  on-street parking initiatives were made which allow you to pay for metered parking with a credit card or with the new PayByPhone App; we completed the first full year of “Pulse of the City”, our weekly radio show sponsored by the law firm of Munck Wilson Mandala; we have a new and vastly improved website http://www.downtowndallas.com; the success of our Downtown Safety Patrol and Clean Team continues to make a huge difference in the added value they bring in reinforcing safe and clean Downtown; D-Link, a new and free entertainment shuttle, launched in November; we would not be in a position to keep on keeping on without the renewal for seven more years of the Downtown Improvement District; we continue to make steady progress with our strategic plan, www.downtowndallas360.com,  as we raise the bar and focus on moving Downtown  from good to great; and, fortunately, the list goes on and on and on.

The DDI model is based on teamwork and collaboration.  We have developed a sound fiscal and structural foundation to build for the future.  Revitalizing and transforming Downtown is a process, not spur of the moment. We have much to be proud of, but excellence, or moving from good to great, is the gradual result of proactively and consistently striving to do better, raising the bar, and moving the ball down the field and over the goal line.  More and more, it’s all about creating the “right experience”; it’s not just about geography, building another building, connectivity, or planting more trees.   

Save the date for our Annual Meeting Luncheon on April 22 (more information to follow).  Let me assure you, you do not want to miss the speaker we have on tap comparing Downtown Dallas to other major cities and how we stack up with our mission to create an urban destination.

On behalf of the entire DDI Team, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a safe and prosperous 2014.  Don’t forget to have some fun along the way and please remember:  As Goes Downtown, So Goes Dallas—The Best is Yet to Come!

One thought on “Happy New Year from Downtown Dallas, Inc.

  1. Sebastian J

    The big downtown success story of 2013, to me, is the rebirth of Victory Park. Of course we’ve yet to see a single new residential unit there since completion of The House, but with Arpeggio and MODA about to open and SkyHouse beginning to tower over the Perot Museum, not to mention Camden about to break ground, we are looking at more units delivered here than when Victory Park was first built. And I’m not even counting Fairfield’s development in the West End or Alexan at Goat Hill, both projects being a short walk from Victory Park. Let’s focus on populating these new dwellings so Victory can become a true neighborhood by 2015!

    I hope 2014 is the year when projects break ground at Crozier Tech and 1600 Pacific, and perhaps we’ll see some new residential towers announced around Klyde Warren Park. Let’s continue investing in parks & trails and making downtown a desirable place to live so that more retailers choose to make downtown their home as well.

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