Two weeks of Quick Wins

Living Plaza

The Downtown Dallas 360 plan is widely becoming known as our directive of Quick Wins and Bold Ideas for Downtown.  Over the last two weeks, DDI has taken part in several Quick Win initiatives, from landscape and clean up projects, to a plaza activation initiative organized by the Dallas City Design Studio.

We celebrated Earth Day with a number of volunteer projects geared toward clean-up/fix-up of some key areas Downtown.  Volunteers came from the EPA, LULAC and the Downtown Residents Council, and focused on Pegasus Plaza, Cesar Chavez and some test installations of new planter materials in line with the 360 Main Street Retail Activation Strategy.
Then just yesterday, per our previous post, the City Design Studio and folks from Better Blocks, organized a temporary activation installation at City Hall Plaza.  With moveable furniture, an oversized chess board and food kiosk on site, Downtown-ers came out to enjoy their lunch hour –  mingling, relaxing and enjoying the space.
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THANK YOU volunteers for making our Downtown sparkle!

“Living Plaza” at City Hall Plaza
New planter materials are being tested at Third Rail Lofts
New flowers at Pegasus Plaza, thanks to the DRC!
Council Member Angela Hunt with LULAC Volunteers
Downtown Residents Council Volunteers at Pegasus Plaza
LULAC Volunteers
LULAC volunteers cleaning up along Cesar Chavez Blvd.

One thought on “Two weeks of Quick Wins

  1. Noah Jeppson

    It’s important to keep these things going (no matter how “small” they may seem) to keep the 360 Plan fresh on people’s minds; we can’t let it become a set of suggestions without implementation. Getting residents, downtown employees and city officials involved in the various projects definitely helps strengthen our community!

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