Welcome Newly Inducted DDI Board Member Greg Morris!

Greg Morris currently serves as Executive Director & Market Leader at Ernst & Young LLP. He has approximately 27 years of corporate valuation, M&A, corporate finance, financial advisory and valuation consulting experience. Morris has worked in numerous industries including technology, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and airlines.

He has been directly involved with valuations prepare for mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, due diligence, IPO’s, purchase price allocations, tax, restructuring, bankruptcies and commercial litigation.  Morris has spoken frequently on the subject of corporate valuation and mergers & acquisitions.  In addition, he has testified numerous times in courts of law on matters pertaining to commercial litigation, bankruptcy, estate & gift tax and other areas.

Did you know?

Morris’ favorite Downtown destination is Dakota’s Restaurant.

Morris is passionate about Downtown because it is a reflection of our city to the world.

Morris’ favorite Downtown memory relates to the Jingle Bell 10K Run.  Much of the route was through Downtown and he really enjoyed a different perspective of  Downtown as he ran through the streets.

Morris supports Downtown Dallas, Inc. because it has made, and will continue to make, a difference in the appearance and culture of Downtown Dallas.  It is important to my employer, Ernst & Young LLP, that we have a good understanding of the forces that are shaping Downtown Dallas, as we have a number of employees that residing in the area.

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