Parking and Retail to be specifically addressed in new studies

On April 14, Dallas City Council approved a reallocation of funds to implement two critical studies for Downtown, one to focus on parking, the other to further retail development in the Main Street District.

Both projects will be managed by Downtown Dallas, Inc., in partnership with the City, and will be conducted in concert with the Downtown Dallas 360 ( )planning effort.

Elements to be addressed in the parking realm include a supply and demand analysis (both for commercial office and public transient parking); valet parking in key entertainment and visitor zones; signage and wayfinding; resident-serving needs; and innovative technologies such as smart phone usage and real-time availability information.  The effort will commence in May, to be complete in line with Downtown Dallas 360 later this fall.

The Main Street Retail Activation Strategy, co-funded by Downtown Dallas, Inc., will build upon past efforts that have created a target tenant mix and incentive programs to entice a mix of luxury, service and entertainment uses to locate in Downtown’s core.  The strategy will put forth guidelines and programs related to urban design including lighting, sidewalk enhancements, street furniture and environmental graphics.  It will also analyze highest-and-best-use locations for sidewalk cafes, street vending and public art.   The stakeholder input process began in February, with the goal of completion early this summer.  Look for emerging strategies to be posted on Downtown Dallas Inc.’s blog later next month.

One thought on “Parking and Retail to be specifically addressed in new studies

  1. Jim Smith

    OK, here is the solution —

    Not valet parking.

    Not increased meter times.

    Not better signs.

    Not street furniture or environmental graphics.

    Dallas has been idiotically pursuing the wrong approach to developing downtown traffic for well over 20 years, and the answer is as simple as it can be.

    Free parking. Take a look at Sundance Square on a Tuesday night and you will find at least four times the traffic that you find in downtown Dallas on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

    Free parking for Bass Hall

    More expensive parking for the arts center, extended meter hours at the Majestic, higher rates and shorter terms near the museum.

    Why pick Dallas? It’s not worth the effort, the expense, the overly aggressive meter readers, or the city greed.

    Until there is free parking in the downtown area, modeled on the success that Fort Worth has, downtown will continue to be a consultant’s boondoggle and a waste of taxpayer money.

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