Downtown Public Safety Update

Downtown Dallas Inc. has completed negotiations with four Downtown liquor and convenience stores to prohibit the sale of “high alcohol content beer and wine” to the homeless. Alcohol related crime was reduced 27% in the City Center in the first quarter 2010. We anticipate a reduction in alcohol related crimes in the DART West End Station area in the second quarter. The Safety Patrol conducts weekly inspections at four Liquor Stores to ensure they are in compliance with the agreement*.

The Homeward Bound program reunited 66 homeless persons with family in the first quarter of 2010. 484 homeless persons have been reunited with family since Downtown Dallas Inc. started the program in 2008.


*Agrement with liquor stores to stop selling high alcohol content beer and wine and a 32oz size limit on beers.

4 thoughts on “Downtown Public Safety Update

  1. R.Jones

    Good question! Tell tale signs of being homeless include repetitive sightings of the same individuals in an area for extended periods (day and night); individuals wearing the same clothing day after day with no “real” concern for cleanliness; observations of pan-handling or being at the same place at the same time every day. Also, sleeping out in the open areas of a grassy area near a parking lot or on a bench; moving about with their life’s possessions in shopping carts or other means; constantly acting as if they’re searching for items in ashtrays and along the street (cigarette butts).
    Not all homeless can be identified this way, but it’s a place to start.

  2. Martin

    Dallas Crisis Intervention teams engage the homeless downtown. Downtown Dallas Inc. assists the homeless with bus transportation home if they meet reunification guidelines.

  3. debra valiquette

    while visiting downtown Dallas my party was lost. on a nearby corner were three bicycle policemen. they helped us find where we were and guided us to the points of interest we were looking for. they gave us a map which helped very much. we are from a very small town in Illinois and with the policemen there i felt safe and secure. thank you policemen. their badge numbers are 3,17 and 11.

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