Downtown Park Fountain Hours

Back when the park was being finished out, our top priority as a supporting organization for Main Street Garden and Pegasus Plaza was to make sure we could get the fountains running a much as we could. Last November it was approved that we would be the management organization for these parks, along with the City of Dallas Park and Rec Department. So first on agenda (now that we have our funds in order!) the fountains!

We’re looking at changing the water fountain running time to those suggested below.

Main Street Garden: 1-10p on Saturdays and 5-10p Sunday through Fridays. Pegasus Plaza 5-10p daily

Please note, right now, they only run from 11a-1p because it is all the city’s budget allows.  We will eventually try to get them running even longer the more money we can raise for the park, but with Downtown Dallas Inc and the City of Dallas’ budgets combined, this is looking like the best we can do as far as length of time.  Let us know your thoughts!


12 thoughts on “Downtown Park Fountain Hours

  1. Hi Kristy,

    Out of curiosity, is there a water reuse system in place for this fountain or is it just straight from the meter?

    I would imagine that the cost of a cyclical water system could be recouped over a short time. Has this been considered at all?

    Just a thought. We’ve been lucky this year, but this is Texas after all. Water can get pretty scarce around here during the hot summer months.


      1. Mike

        So is the city-confirmed metered water going to be recirculated? Or does it flow from the meter to the fountain and then down a drain? I think that may be what Tony Lauro was asking and that is also what I would like to know. Thanks!

  2. dfwcre8tive

    Great news! Evening hours vs lunch hours will be a better time for downtown residents and people leaving their offices. When will the new times go into effect?

  3. db

    Seems to me that lunch time would be fairly important – maybe the cafe operator would pay. I would also think that Sunday afternoon would be a time when there would be quite a few people there. In the winter perhaps it could be turned off earlier. How much does it cost to operate for an hour?

  4. palchik

    Hi Kristy,

    I was at Main Street Garden over the weekend, and I noticed that the metal playground equipment was incredibly hot. The weather was relatively mild by Dallas standards, so I can’t imagine how hot the metal will get in the middle of summer. Seems a bit unsafe, doesn’t it?


  5. Viki

    I am trying to decide if I should rent a car for the Windpower Conference in May in Dallas. How much does it cost to park in the dowtown area per day?

  6. Hey Kristy, I have not been on this blog in forever, so forgive if I seem out of the loop. 🙂

    It was my understanding that the Main St. Garden’s water feature [intended] design is less “fountain” and more of a means for Urbanites to intermingle with the water and have a way to cool off during our hot Texas Summers.

    Water Shortage, budgets, etc….we get that. But I vote for both Saturday and Sunday to have water hours during the daytime as opposed to just Saturday day. I’d like to see the kids (and the grownups!) have the option to splash around in the water on a hot Sunday too…and if it can’t be all day, maybe 3pm – 7pm…

    And…on the proposed Monday – Friday 5pm – 10pm, was there a crowdsourced request for evening water? Did anyone request 3pm – 7pm or 4pm – 8pm. Just wondering.

    We hang out there quite a bit – here are some things we noticed or we have heard people request:
    -the big hill that all the kids love to roll down (and they should) rolls them right into hard sidewalk. I don’t think kids should stop doing what that seems so perfectly designed for, but how come no one thought of that? If I see a sign that says, “No rolling down hill” next time I go, I’ll be very disappointed. They should replace the sidewalk w/ the cushy playground material there.
    -the playground equipment is modern and cool, but the 3-arc metal structures and the metal wavy climbing that is hardly even play-able are definitely more art, then action-oriented. Beau has slid off and banged his more than once. Why more than once? Because kid’s like to climb and there’s only so many times you can can climb the cool space ship thingy – especially when there’s more then 3 kids there.
    -dog park area fences should go all the way to the ground so when dog owners play ball in there with their pets, their balls don’t roll off into the street and out of the area
    -is the DAL SURF the free park wifi? (It works) Because the Main St. Garden Wifi did’t connect to anything
    -before it gets too hot are you going to do some movies on the UCD wall? that’d be cool

    all for now. thanks!

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