District Focus: Dallas Farmers Market

I recently went down to the Dallas Farmers Market to see what they’ve been up to.  I spoke with Janel Leatherman, the Market Administrator, and Sol Calinao, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, who let me in on some upcoming happenings and reminded me of all the amazing things already there.  Below is a quick update on the happenings:

  • Shed 2: It’s complete and amazing.  I took some pictures to give you a peek, but my Blackberry had a nervous breakdown and deleted all my pictures.  Shed 2 will have an assortment of vendors – a few of which are already ready to go!  All of the vendors should be up and running by April.  Don’t forget to bring your kitchen knives when you go to pick up some things because Shed 2 features an incredible (and affordable) knife sharpening shop.  For those of you in the corporate realm,  keep Pecan Lodge in mind for your catering needs.  They are also opening a great spot for lunch in Shed 2!  Texas Meats features pastured meats of all kinds – just make sure to ask them how to cook it because it takes a special (but super easy) process.  Shrimp Stop will satisfy your need for seafood and will feature fresh, just-flown-in seafood of all kinds.  There will also be a couple gift shop vendors like Silver Springs, Amber Gallery, and Abundantly Aromatic.
  • Specialty Food Program: This program allows for farmers and foodie entrepreneurs to test their chops.  It’s open Friday through Sunday and features everything from fresh produce to wineries displaying their new concoctions.
  • GO TEXAN Grant: They recently received a grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture that they’re going to put to good use through a new program called “Chef at the Market.”  This will gather local gourmet chefs to do cooking demonstrations that are open to the public.  It will start at the end of May and last through September.
  • Other Events: Now that the prime market season is upon us, the Dallas Farmers Market will bring back much of its popular programming starting in April.  This includes the buskar program where singers and entertainers perform around the market area.  If you’re interested in participating in it, go to http://www.dallasfarmersmarket.org for more information!  The Dallas Farmers Market Friends and The American Institute of Wine and Food will continue their chef’s cooking class series with new dates to be posted on the website shortly.
  • What can you buy there?: The market offers more than just fruits and vegetables.  You can purchase meats, buy fresh flowers, and find fun, creative gift ideas.

In closing, I’d like to point out my two favorite aspects of the market that I’m not sure many people realize.  First off, FREE PARKING and plenty of it!!  Second, it’s an incredible lunch spot – especially when the weather is beautiful!  Instead of waiting in line somewhere, try out the Dallas Farmers Market next time you can escape the office for lunch.  I promise you’ll be in and out fast, and there are plenty of delicious spots to choose from.

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