2010 Downtown Events

As I promised oh 2 weeks ago, below are the scheduled events for 2010.  Our #1 priority for this year is to program the heck out of Main Street Garden, budget and sponsorships permitting, of course.

Please note these are only the ones DOWNTOWNDALLAS is producing.  Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on other events!

Membership/Business to Business (roughly some form of B2B a month)

  • Annual Meeting – March
  • CEO Breakfast – April
  • Town Hall – May (free event open to the public discussing a hot topic in a more casual setting)
  • Membership Forum 2Q – June
  • Town Hall – July/August
  • Membership Event/Forum – September
  • CEO Breakfast – October


  • Progressive Type Event – February
  • Main Street Garden Recreational weekends – May and June
  • Main Street GardenSports leagues – May and June   
  • Main Street Garden Concert in the Park – May
  • Celebrate Downtown/Home Tour – June
  • Progressive Type Event – June
  • Downtown Photography Exhibition featuring local Downtown photographers – July
  • Progressive Type Event – August
  • Animation Festival at Main Street Garden – August OR September
  • Taste of the Fair – September
  • Main Street Garden Recreational weekends – September
  • Progressive Type Event – September OR October
  • Main Street Garden Sports leagues – September and October  
  • Main Street Garden Movies – October
  • City Lights – November
  • Community Projects (3) – TBD


3 thoughts on “2010 Downtown Events

  1. lakewoodhobo

    How about a fashion show or an outdoor theatre production? And why just movies in October? You can do a whole series of films throughout the summer, October’s showing being a “scary” movie for Halloween (though I prefer Rocky Horror Picture Show).

    1. A Fashion Show is a great idea and something we’ve been working on with FIG over off Ross, but believe it or not, fashion shows when done well can be close to six figures! Theatre productions are also tricky when it comes to their costumes and the outdoor elements, but we continue to work with the Dallas Theatre Center to try to get them to come out. There is only so much our marketing team of 2 can pull off in one year, and each one of our events requires sponsorship dollars which isn’t a good time to raise those either this year! So we’re working hard in communicating with other groups to encourage them to come out on their own.

      But the movies, we definitely plan to do for another month in the spring.. between the projector and screen it can cost up to 5K per showing, not cheap.


  2. Dia

    Is the Mardi Gras parade happening downtown this year?! I think they called it “MystiQal” and it was sponsored by Popeye’s last year. Sure would like to know the exact date of this event if indeed it is happening. I teach photography and want to take some students to document the parade.

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