The Rudolph Wranglers

DOWNTOWNDALLAS sponsored the “Rudolph” ballon in last Saturday’s Capital One Bank Adolphus Children’s Parade.  To make sure Rudolph behaved along the parade route, we recruited the Downtown Residents Council to help!  A special thank you to all that braved the cold Saturday morning: Steve Shepherd, Oliver Roberts, Bill Mcknight, Dustin Bullard, Alexander Pappas, Gary Bearden, Daniel Angeles, Ken Morris, Vicki Welch, Luke and Sommer Roller, Monte Melugin, Cory Berryman, Melissa Scoggin, Jay Keller, Davey Multinado, Angel McCauley, Eric Wallace, Marc Meadows, Myranda Reeves, Natalie Clement, Noah Jeppson, Corey Rawdon, Dayne Eversol, Bill Gilliland, Alice Ozu, Fatima Fisher, Lillian Rivera, Allison Epps, Angie Oburg, and Tom Buttine (sorry if I misspelled anyone’s names or left anyone out!).

Here are some pictures from their experience:

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