Late Night in the NM Holiday Window Crawl Tubes

The night before City Lights we ran rehearsals until midnight, so as you can imagine our exhaustion met with delierium – specifically in the Neiman Marcus crawl tubes.  Despite the fact our obvious age,  height, weight, state of mind.. disqualified us from going through, Ignaz was too eager to let Kourtny and me experience his creation.  I think at that point everyone needed a good laugh, which we provided times ten. Particularly at the halfway point in the tubes, the “dance” energy opens up out of the tubes to the full window with music playing…so yes, we broke out into full dance listening to Outkast, Hey Ya.  Bueno.

I hope these pictures can at least get a  chuckle out of you!

About to enter...
And I'm in the tubes
Now Kourt, a little less than thrilled at having her picture taken
aannnnd the dancing begins
Kourtny cam
Kristy cam
done! And was sore the next day..

One thought on “Late Night in the NM Holiday Window Crawl Tubes

  1. garyonmaindal

    I really wanted to crawl thru the tubes. I thought about telling them I was just 10 might help. I don’t look like I am 62 but I don’t think I can pass for 10 either. I think I am jealous because you got to do that.

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