Sixty Five Feet of Awesomeness

50 ft started!

So here’s a tree update.  Kourtny and I were at Fair Park this weekend helping secure lights, ornaments, etc.  Also we had some Downtown residents show up to help too (thank you thank you!).

The pic to the left only shows the first 50ft, the top of the tree along with the clear faceted 5ft, revolving star are yet to be placed.  Also, I got a chance to slip into the “room” in the middle of the tree that we will offer to folks to rent out for private events, but will be open to the public to walk thru on a regular basis.  Inside the “room” there will be special light shows only viewable from the inside. 
View from inside the tree
This is the view with the regular exterior lighting from the inside, more is going to be added for the "inside" only views.

It’s being assembled and tested in the Coliseum and will be moved to Main Street Garden tomorrow by crane.

Come out to City Lights Friday to see this sucker lit (with its light shows) and can’t forget the Neiman Marcus window unveiling! (sneak peek on their windows HERE)

City Lights Preview!

See you then!!!


the ornaments were designed by Corgan Media Lab and range from 3ft and down, all are made of red shiny metal and will be back lit.

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