I want to be as cool as the people at One Arts Plaza

ArtCarNow presenting…the Art Cart!  Here to shuttle you to and fro in the Dallas Arts District along Flora – up and running during every performance night.  Ladies, unleash the stilettos! Now there’s no reason not to stop into Dali for a nightcap after the opera.

5 thoughts on “I want to be as cool as the people at One Arts Plaza

  1. dfwcre8tive

    We rode it last night. As we were walking from our performance at the Wyly to One Arts, the Art Cart suddenly appeared and whisked us to our destination. Now, if only it would take us back to our home on Main Street…

  2. Kourtny

    Sort of. This is actually a complex question best broken down into two..

    Will Downtown get a modern streetcar? Yes! A task force led by Councilmember and Transportation Committee Chair Linda Koop is hard at work on reccomendations for the alignment, business/operation plan and funding.

    How will it be funded? The aforementioned task force is researching that as well. Options include bonds, federal grants, regional funding, tax assessments…this is all being analyzed.

    The goal is to have the first phase in place by 2013-2014. Here are a couple of recent articles with more info…



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