DOWNTOWNDALLAS Public Safety Update

Public Safety is DOWNTOWNDALLAS’ number one priority as an organization.  Here are some recent highlights of what we’ve been up to:

  • Fifteen new Downtown Safety Patrol officers just graduated from their training program that includes classes from the Dallas Police Department.  They’ll be joining forces with the rest of the DSP just in time for the Grand Opening of the AT&T Performing Arts Center and the TX-OU Weekend.
  • Downtown crime is down once again in September with a 10% decrease in crime year to date.  Recently, a serial car burglar was captured thanks to photos taken from the surveillance cameras Downtown.  Did you know there are over 82 cameras in the Downtown area?
  • Twenty four homeless people were reunited with family members in September through our Homeward Bound program.  The Homeward Bound Program led by DOWNTOWNDALLAS has reconnected 250 homeless people with their families since the program began in 2008. Greyhound Lines, Inc. provided the program with discounted bus tickets to aid in sending homeless people to family members who commit to sheltering and caring for them.
  • A second Downtown liquor store has agreed to stop selling high alcohol content singles to homeless as part of our ongoing effort to deter public intoxication.

2 thoughts on “DOWNTOWNDALLAS Public Safety Update

  1. Rick Jones

    Excellent investigative work by the Dallas Police in apprehending the serial BMV suspect. This was someone who affected all of us working and living downtown!!! It would also be great to see these new safety patrol officers working in the garages and parking lots more frequently then before, as well as in all areas of the district.

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