Find your DSpot for $20 and cash in for 5 hundy

Traveling Man
Traveling Man

Following up to Ariel’s post earlier that mentioned our Scavenger Hunt… well it’s on and we’re officially taking ticket sales. Mark your calendars for October 24 from 1-5pm to discover…hmmm “authentic” Downtown spots, lifestyles and culture.

Ariel and I have some great items lined up that are sure to get you laughing and may surprise you that exist in Downtown Dallas.

Some Musts:

  • Reserve your team ASAP, we can only take 12 teams and already have 4!
  • Each team will be made up on 4 members and will cost $20/team – cost is to only cover the day pass to ride the DART line.
  • Come up with a fun(ny) team name..the more creative, the better (perhaps bonus points towards the hunt can be awarded?!)
  • Bring a camera/camera phone as this will be your only way to document your findings.
  • Must show up for the after-party at City Tavern, for us to talley up the results and receive your hard earned cash (should you win)

Hope we see you out there.. especially you newbies!  Register HERE!


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