This week’s To-Do’s

Here at the DOWNTOWNDALLAS world headquarters, we have staff (ahem..TEAM) meetings once a week – here’s a look  at some of the hot items on our list…

  • In a meeting with MATA (McKinney Avenue Transit Authority…aka, the Trolley) today, we learned that utility work on the Arts District connection will begin in May 2010.
  • The Downtown Safety Patrol is staffing up.  15 new officers will begin training on Sept. 28.
  • Taste of the Fair is this Friday at Pegasus Plaza!  This is a DOWNTOWNDALLAS produced event celebrating the best of Texas State Fair gluttony.  Bring cash for your Fletchers.
  • We are up to our ears in planning for the opening of Main Street Garden.  Opening ceremonies are slated for November 5, with City Lights to follow on November 20 and a Concert in the Park with Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights on November 21.  Details to come!  Particularly hot this week – seeking sponsors.  If you have some spare change, please give us a call.
  • Also on the Main Street Garden note, DOWNTOWNDALLAS will manage the programming and maintenance for the Park.  Our agreement goes in front of Park Board on Oct. 1, with City Council to follow.
  • The new website for the Dallas Arts District is live –
  • Speaking of event planning – AT&T Performing Arts Center, Opening Week festivities.  Need I say more?  DOWNTOWNDALLAS is also planning pre-opening events such as office building lobby mini concerts and rush hour concerts.
  • We had an Executive Committee meeting this morning – Chief Kunkle and Deputy Chief Golbeck were on the agenda.  Factoids of the day – DPD has 700 more officers throughout the city today than in 2004, and the total will be brought to 4,000 thanks to an additional 400 to be hired in the next budget cycle.  Particular to the CBD – the new CBD Impact Offender Program has achieved a 48% success rate – meaning 48% of the targeted repeat offenders have been arrested so far this year.
  • And last, but certainly not least, one of our team members is extremely thrilled about the three foot hole in his backyard being plowed by our friends at AT&T – bringing Uverse to his neighborhood.  AT&T is everywhere these days, aren’t they?

Stay tuned for next week!


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