We’re blogging, now what?

DOWNTOWNDALLAS took the step…finally! (as I’m sure some are thinking) and entered the blogging realm.  With everything going on in and around Downtown Dallas and the urban development world, there is plenty to share and discuss. And frankly, there are some things that we could (and would like to) be educated about from our followers. From the Downtown resident to the employee that only comes down to work, there’s a stake in it for all of us.

We at DOWNTOWNDALLAS continue to strive to build a strong, diverse and vibrant urban core. This is no small task, as Dallas has never had a Downtown urban lifestyle/environment before outside of the commercial realm. Times, oh they are a-changin’.

Over the past 50 years our focus areas include: planning, transportation, development, maintenance, public safety, capital improvements, retail and office (recruitment and retention) and communications and events.

Here’s a little video about us and the momentum going on Downtown…


Posting will come from several of our staff members in our office that deal with these topics first-hand.  We will be doing short introductions as we start posting more.  Our first step.. let us know what you want to hear about and DON’T (sometimes more important) want to hear about.


4 thoughts on “We’re blogging, now what?

  1. Gary Bearden

    I am a Downtown Dallas resident. I live in the Wilson Building. Been downtown for almost 2 years and love it. I would like to see a better way of having things published that are going on downtown.

    The resident council is great. But we need to be notified when it is meeting.

  2. As a Dallas native, I recently realized after all these years what Downtown Dallas has to offer. There are so many people I talk to that have no clue about the incredible architecture, retail, and residences that are in the downtown area. Not to mention all the development in the Arts District. There are so many exciting things happening we need to continue to get the word out and raise awareness that Downtown Dallas is a cool place to live, shop, eat, etc.

  3. Anon.

    I’m so glad to see this blog! Its on the daily check list. One of the reasons (aside from the great pick-list above) I’ll be reading is that DowntownDallas is ‘in the know’. Its exciting to see what is changing and what is coming. I know you you will have an avid following!

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